Nostrification of foreign diplomas and certificates is the recognition of foreign education level in Ukraine.

Ukrainian seamen (the citizens of Ukraine and foreigners with residence permits in Ukraine) who have foreign Educational Diplomas must recognize it for getting the endorsement of qualification during examination at the Inspectorate for Training and Certification of Seafarers.


Functionally, the equivalence of education level, which was received abroad, and appropriateness to Ukrainian standards are established by the experts of one of Subdivision of National accreditation commission of  Education and Science Department of Ukraine (Kyiv).


The order of nostrification procedure is regulated by the standards and regulations of Ukrainian Education and Science Department Order № 563 from 20.08.2003, and also by other normative acts.


The procedure of establishing the equivalence of documents which were received abroad includes 2-step grade and preparing the necessary documents, its submission, examining, taking a decision, executing and delivering the certificate of the equivalence. The document with the expert results is signed by one of the substitutes of  Education and Science Minister of  Ukraine and is attested with the official ministry stamp. Certificate/warrant of the education equivalence can be issued once and is valid with the original of diploma.


The equivalence of education certificate is determined by the corresponding intergovernmental and interdepartmental (including the Education and Science Department of Ukraine) agreement or protocol. The declaration and establishment of equivalence of foreign Educational Diplomas is carried out with the statement of document-owner or interested organization, which in this case is marine agency Travelclub44.


With the statement of equivalence establishment such documents should be added:


-         the document of education or academic status, which was legalized in a specified manner (an original with copies, attested by the notary);


-         the enclosure of education or academic status, which was legalized in a specified manner, (an original with copies, attested by the notary) indicating passed educational courses and their content, received final grades, list of practical works, course and graduate qualification works, other constituents of studying, the translation of document of education or academic status and its enclosures, which were attested by the notary;


-         additional documentation, which prove the education in foreign country (detailed elaboration of description of made courses, information about previous education, notes in passport documents about Ukrainian border crossing etc.) the list of which in different situations is determined individually. At the same time the delivery of correctly formalized archive document from the foreign educational institution about graduation abroad is obligatory.


-         The declarant also has the right to produce other evidences of his/her training, including documents with the following education levels, which permit working by profession and indicates the practical experience.


To receive archive documents from the foreign educational institutions, the legal department of Travelclub44 corresponds independently with institutes of Higher Education, if necessary this department takes the opportunity of external economic mission of foreign governments and diplomatic representatives of Ukraine abroad.


Travelclub44 experts have gained the essential experience in preparing, supplying and accompaniment the procedure of Ukrainian seamen’s diploma’s nostrification. Every single time we look for the presence of all necessary documents beforehand to make this procedure quick and effective. 


Dear seamen, on the basis of gained experience and practice, the members of Travelclub44 are always ready to render the assistance in establishing the equivalence of the education, which was obtained abroad.

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